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Christian Ministries Network

About us

7. There is the need to introduce your talent to the body of Christ.

8. There is the need for a body that recognises that marketplace will play a crucial role in the last days.

9. There is the need for a body that genuinely prays for the land.

10. There is the need to generously support missions.

Benefits to Members

1. Members liaise with other kingdom people across the globe.

2. Members have access to CMN paraphernalia (logo, lapel pins,…)

3. Members pray for each other regularly.

4. Members have access to quality training in various areas of ministry.

5. Members are constantly exposed to different ministry platforms.

6. Members have access to be ordained on the platform.

7. Members support each other in every way possible.

8. Members have opportunity to be introduced to coveted and viable ministries.

Christian Ministries Network is a unique interdenominational network of Ministers across the world serving the body of Christ and in the Marketplace.

Mission-  Working together to build a stronger and long-lasting representation for the kingdom of God and His Christ.

Why CMN?

1. There is the need for a body of people standing together as one as pertaining to the issues of the kingdom especially in the days ahead.

2. There is the need to have a platform that will serve as a viable spiritual covering as we forge ahead with our individual callings.

3. There is the need to have a body you can choose to be accountable to in order to help with your vision and Mission.

4. There is the need to have access to necessary training both formal and informal to equip you for ministry and help to keep you going.

5. There is the need to have a body that networks like minded individuals and groups without taking them over.

6. There is the need to have a body that introduces you to various talents and gifts in the body that otherwise you may not meet.

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